Mission and Goal


Creation of fair and competitive economic policies based on free market principles and free from government interference.



To represent its members as large, medium and small companies working in different sectors of the economy, come out on their behalf and promote entrepreneurship in the country to achieve more stability, social-economic development, new jobs and dignified conditions of labor.


About GEA

Georgian Employers' Association (GEORGIAN EMPLOYERS ASSOCIATION) was founded in 2000. The association is an independent, membership-based organization working in accordance with the requirements, standards and conventions of employers (industrialists and entrepreneurs) and international labor organizations.

GEA is the largest organization across the country, representing employers (entrepreneurs) in Georgia. GEA combines all aspects of economy with more than 2000 members. Also, the Association provides for the policy and principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in terms of business development and the solution of the problems of business circles business circles for the right and efficient existence of business, based on active coordination with the Government of Georgia and all third parties.