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Social Dialogue

On November 12, 2009, a tripartite commission for social dialogue was established by order of the Prime Minister. In March 2010, the composition of the Tripartite Social Partnership Commission was approved, which includes representatives of the Georgian Employers’ Association, the Georgian Trade Union Confederation and the Government of Georgia.

It is internationally recognized that social dialogue and tripartism, which implies tripartite cooperation, is a powerful tool for labor market management and is a guarantee of decent work, inclusive development, social cohesion and peace.

Tripartite social dialogue brings together government, employees and employers to discuss public policy issues, laws and make decisions that affect the social partners.

Tripartite consultations can ensure improved cooperation and consensus between tripartite partners on issues important to the country. Social dialogue is an essential tool for achieving decent work, inclusive development and social cohesion, which also contributes to good governance.