Practical long-term course in construction law

Course Description:

The Georgian Employers’ Association offers a practical course in construction law to representatives of construction companies, during which students will be able to study the essence and nature of Georgian construction law, subjects, legal sources, issues of operation and enforcement of legal norms. In addition to the theoretical part, the course will be loaded with the sharing of practical knowledge and experience and the analysis of a number of precedent judgments. Trainees will also receive practical advice and recommendations on the forms and types of contracts.


The course is based on the practical experience that construction companies in Georgia face in dealing with government regulators, the judiciary, contractors and customers.

The aim of the course is for the listener to:

  • Thoroughly study the participant’s basic principles and normative bases of Georgian construction law;
  • Develop the participant’s ability to identify, apply, and make sound assessments of legal norms relevant to a particular situation;
  • To develop the analytical and critical thinking of the participant in Georgian construction law;
  • To develop the participant’s ability to negotiate with the parties in the construction relationship and reach an agreement on key issues;
  • The participant will master the techniques and skills of drafting contracts used in practice;
  • Develop the participant’s ability to create and process substantiated civil and administrative procedural legal documents.


Course target group:

The course is designed for practicing lawyers and other stakeholders interested in construction law.


Practical methods used:

  • Discuss practical issues;
  • Various practical cases;
  • Short exercises;
  • Group assignments;
  • Sharing practical knowledge, etc.


The course will be led by:

Mr. Nikoloz Abutidze – Legal Advisor of the Georgian Employers’ Association, Executive Director of JG Counselors,

8 years of practical and 4 years of academic work experience in the field of construction law.

Mr. Alexander Kamushadze – Director of the law firm “GLCC” – 15 years of practical and 3 years of academic experience in the field of construction law.


The course will also include invitations, a practicing architect, representatives of the local municipality and the judiciary.



Georgian Employers’ Association Conference Hall, Address: 106 Beliashvili St., Mioni Business Center, Fl. 3


Course duration:

Beginning – July 13. 30 hours – 6 weeks – 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15:00 to 20:00.


Prices and conditions:

For member companies of the Georgian Employers’ Association – 650 GEL (excluding VAT);

For non-member companies – 950 (excluding VAT).


Additional benefits for partivipants:

Within 3 months of completing the course, the participant will have the opportunity to receive additional consultation regarding the issues raised during the course.


Course registration:

If you are interested in the course, please register no later than July 8 of this year.

Course registration


Jul 13 2021 - Aug 24 2021


3:00 pm



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Georgian Employers Association Conference Hall


Georgian Employers Association Conference Hall
106 Beliashvili, Mioni Business Center, fl. 3


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