Labor Law

After the changes in the labor legislation, within the framework of the regulation of labor relations, the issues of fixed-term contracts in the Georgian and international legislation and practice

Training topics:

  • Possibility of using oral contracts and the problem arising from it – the issue of possible invalidity of the contract within the content of the first part of Article 6 and the content of Article 7 of the Labor Code;
  • Specific opportunities for concluding a contract for a specified period of time and the issue of contract termination;
  • Possibilities of concluding fixed-term contracts and the issue of its legislative exceptions, including issues of reorganization or identification of fraudulent transactions;
  • Issues of individual contract, internal regulations and collective labor agreement;
  • The possibility of concluding several contracts with employees simultaneously and its results;
  • Obligation of the essential terms of the contract and its existing binding content. (Solutions and problems in practice);
  • Legislative regulation regarding the validity of existing labor contracts at the time of the amendments to the Labor Code in 2013 and issues arising from it.

Program content and purpose:

  1. Explain the disputed norms when regulating the duration of labor relations for the management of companies operating in Georgia and any other interested parties and find ways to solve specific issues in practice;
  2. Strengthening practical skills and competencies in dealing with issues of employment duration;
  3. The existing approaches of the parties at the national level to further change the legislation;
  4. Develop and improve the practical skills of management representatives by reviewing specific typical examples.

The training can be conducted by the Georgian Employers’ Associations training center, as well as in the workplace of the client organization. The trainings are built on the modern interactive method of teaching and include the format of lecture-seminars, as well as discussions and practical cases.

Training format:

The duration of the training course includes two full days from 10:00 to 18:00.

Participants will be awarded Georgian Employers’ Association certificates.