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Become an active business entity!

Georgian Employers’ Association currently unites more than 2000 direct and 6000 indirect member companies from different business sectors.

The members of the GEA are represented from the following sectors:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Oil and Gas Sector
  3. Banking and Financial Institutions Sector
  4. Construction and Real Estate Sector
  5. Commerce and Trade Sector
  6. Transportation and Communication and IT Sector
  7. Hospitality and Tourism Sector
  8. Industries and Manufacturing Sector
  9. Social Service Sector (Health, Education etc)
  10. Law, Insurance
  11. Etc.

Why join GEA?

As a member of the GEA you will take the following benefits:

  • Advisory and Representation on Employment and Labour and work safety Matters;
  • Networking for visibility and Business opportunities;
  • Creating and maintaining a conducive working environment;
  • Communication with government;
  • Eligibility to attend meetings, workshops, exhibition and business forums;
  • Timely information and Communication on relevant Business issues;
  • Discounts on GEA paid for services;
  • Free legal advisory services;
  • Free occupation safety advisory services;

Free food safety advisory services.

Join us

How to Join GEA?

Step 1: Fill the membership application form 

Step 2:  Send the completed application by e-mail employer@employer.ge;

Step 3: Receive an invoice and send the tax order on the same Email.

Joining is easy!