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Georgian Employers' Association offers free consultations to member companies in the following areas:

  • Labor relations
  • Occupational and health safety issues
  • International standards
  • Food safety systems
  • Tax issues
Meeting appointment

The Georgian Employers' Association offers its members a unique opportunity to protect their legitimate interests and lobby the legislature and other government agencies. The GEA, as a nominated member of the Social Partnership Tripartite Commission and numerous state and international committees, protects the interests of member companies, introduces liberal legislative initiatives for business to create a better business environment. The Georgian Employers' Association works on lobbying and advocacy issues such as labor relations, occupational safety, customs and tax legislation, agriculture and environmental protection, tourism, creating a better investment environment etc.

The Employers' Association regularly informs member companies about important business news in the country so that they are constantly informed about new investments, legislative changes, government initiatives, projects and other existing opportunities or challenges.

The association provides information through both thematic individual and group meetings, where news is discussed in a discussion mode, as well as using a weekly business directory, newsletters and other types of information exchange tools.

The Georgian Employers' Association offers free seminars and trainings to member companies to strengthen human resources, as well as discounts on paid training modules.

Training modules:

  • Human resources management;
  • Occupational safety and health;
  • Labor relations;
  • Digital transformation;
  • Food safety;
  • Customs and tax issues;
  • Other

GEA is also implementing a vocational education and training project with the support of the German government, which aims to study the labor market and take measures based on it that will provide the labor market with adequately qualified staff.

The Georgian Employers' Association offers petitions to financial institutions to facilitate access to finance for member companies. As well as consulting services for those wishing to use government projects such as "Produce in Georgia", Rural Development Projects (ARDA) and others.

As well as participation in grant and co-financing projects announced by international donor organizations (USAID, EBRD, etc.).

Georgian Employers' Association offers the following activities to member companies in order to promote their product / service and strengthen business contacts:

  • Advertising support
  • Post weekly business news
  • Posting in the Monthly Newsletter
  • Placement of presentation materials (banner, booklet, etc.) in the conference hall of the Association for various meetings
  • Dissemination of information Soc. Networks (Facebook, Web, other);
  • Participate in various types of events
  • Business dialogue with the government
  • Business forums (local / international)
  • Local and international exhibitions
  • B2B meetings